Through an exceptional selection of antique furniture and contemporary artworks, the Kraemer Gallery, Paris in collaboration with Ars Belga presents a carefully curated selection of Louis XVI, XV and XVI objects and furniture with emblematic paintings of abstract art, including artworks by Robert Mangold and Sam Francis.

An extremely rare pair of sconces made for Duke Charles Alexandre of Lorraine, Governor of the Austrian Netherlands and uncle of Marie-Antoinette for the hall of Dais (throne room) of his palace in Brussels, faces a superb minimalist sculpture by Ugo Rondinone. Two 18th century consoles highlight a sublime painting by Yayoi Kusama as well as a historical painting by Walter Leblanc.

The exhibition’s welcoming atmosphere is reinforced by a mahogany game table stamped by Riesener, whose twin sister is on display at Paris’s Carnavalet Museum. It interacts with its mahogany veneer through the powerful color combinations of significant works by Peter Halley and Heinz Mack, which are themselves associated with a museum-quality Chinese lacquer Louis XV chest of drawers.

Numerous iconic Hans Hartung works, dating from 1950 to 1980, have influenced the art gallery’s exposure. Van Soest’s Cabinet de la Paix is surrounded by two magnificent white and black Dadamaino works.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, Mikael Kraemer and Vincent Matthu, the project’s initiators, will be in place and then will open your space to discover this living room furniture and artworks fused with contemporary art.

Installation views