About us

Ars Belga is a European art consultancy firm founded in 2009 that provides independent expertise and professional guidance to private collectors, artists and family estates.

The company

Our mission is to support our client’s needs to preserve their patrimony and to integrate art into an overall wealth strategy, while minimizing the risks and maximizing the potential for each artwork. Our values are based on complete transparency, confidentiality and discretion.

We specialize in advising private collectors, family estates and artist studios throughout every level of the art market. We assist our clients with all market practicalities and provide them with privileged access and independent knowledge through strategic buying, selling, and evaluation processes. We have a proven track record of success in locating specific artworks for our clients through our extensive network of dealers, galleries, and auction house specialists.

With in-house expertise spanning the centuries from the Quattrocento to the present day, we specialize in and focus our research on the postwar era, encompassing a diverse range of Western artists. We believe that an art advisor's role should remain educational, and we take great pride in guiding our clients in a transparent, confidential, and discrete manner.

Our Foundation

Our team of art advisors and experts is committed to upholding the highest standards of professional practice.

Our Vision

We are passionate about our work and are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We value subject matter expertise and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Our Methodology

We expect our employees to have an art market knowledge well beyond their core responsibilities, and to think creatively. We know that the best solutions result from the ideas and contributions of a diverse team of partners.

Why work with us

We are committed our clients. We think Long-term and are invested in the success of each project we start. We take pride in constantly introducing novel and innovative approaches.

Our team

For almost two decades, Vincent Matthu has helped to build a number of private collections, sourcing off-market works of quality and significance, while maintaining absolute privacy and discretion. His expertise in Belgian Surrealism, Postwar and Contemporary Korean Art, American and European Conceptual and Minimal Art, makes him a highly respected consultant who brings a unique and varied understanding of the art market. With a team based in Brussels, Geneva and London, Ars Belga provides astute specialist guidance on the current market to private collectors, artists and family estates.
With a background in Art History and Economics, Nicolas joined Ars Belga in 2019 as a Specialist in Contemporary Art. Having previously worked at Christie’s London and managed the art collection of a Brussels based private collector, Nicolas brings to the team his in-depth experience of advising international clients.
Trained as an art historian, with an academic background in Italian art from the Quattrocento, Clara holds a B.A. in Law Studies from Paris Descartes University and an M.A. in Collection Studies from the University of Warwick.
Selin joined Ars Belga to oversee the development of the curatorial and online department of the firm. Prior to joining Ars Belga, Selin worked at Gagosian London. Selin holds an MA from Sotheby's Institute, London.
Trained as an art historian Aria holds a B.A in Art History and a MA in Copyright Law. Prior to joining Ars Belga, Aria worked at the European Commission’s Historical Archive department. Aria focuses on market research, reports, and auction due diligence.
Trained as a philosopher and anthropologist Nicklas holds a BA and an MA in philosophy and a Master’s degree in anthropology from the KU Leuven. Prior to joining Ars Belga, Nicklas worked as Trust and Safety Associate at Accenture, Lisbon and as a writer and editor for Inland Magazine.

What matters to us


We believe that companies perform better as they act in the interest of their employees, clients and communities. Our top priority is to deliver a sustainable long-term performance on which our clients depend.


Confidentiality is a critical component and a value that we hold dear. We ensure that all sensitive and personal data is protected to the fullest extent possible in all circumstances.


Transparency is a guiding principle in all of our projects. We are committed to establishing trust with both our clients and our employees.

Our expertise is dedicated to protecting our clients and their assets, through providing them with astute specialist guidance on the current market.

Vincent Matthu, ARS Belga Founder