Colnaghi is pleased to present Dawn Chorus, a pop up exhibition opening in Brussels with the support of Ars Belga. The show offers an insight into Paul de Vos works by exhibiting masterpieces by the Antwerp baroque painter. These works will be displayed alongside miniature landscapes painted by the french painter Edouard Athenosy and a selection of the finest modern masterworks. 

The exhibition expresses a fascination towards the ability to communicate and see across great distances with works amongst others, by Dadamaino, Piero Dorazio and Vassilakis Takis. Throughout this exhibition, the show represents the artist’s interest in materials and techniques at the dawn of their career with a sensibility for the world they were surrounded by.

Dawn Chorus is an ephemeral exhibition, the very first ever presentation in Brussels by Colnaghi. The title refers to the songs and chirps of birds at sunrise but also refers to the term for the electromagnetic field at sunrise when translated into sound, curiously sounds like the songs of birds. The term “dawn” references illumination, hope, the beginning of a new day and thus a chance for renewal and improvement. It implies unison and a message that resonates together. The direct and implied meaning of these words combined with the pairing of the selection of works is intentional. It offers viewers to ponder the metaphors and the conceptual premise of bringing light to our current times.

Works displayed by Italian artist Piero Dorazio, known as the artist of light and Dadamaino notably known for her studies in scrupulous analysis of the solar spectrums’ chromatic combination, are in a constant artistic dialogue providing food for thought and a sense of inner peace and prosperity to the viewers. The whole exhibition relies on simple elements of nature, such as landscapes, animals and flowers but at the same time it provides old master’s classic works. The combination and the selection of works could also be characterised as thematic.

In this show, the viewer can also admire a selection of works by Edouard Athénosy. His work depicted the rocky and wild terrain of his French region dominated by oaks and blooming shrubs. Edouard Athénosy’s selection of works, heavily influenced by impressionism, demonstrate his mastery in painting at small scales with high-level, intense details. What is more, the viewer can also admire the impressive works by Greek artist Vassilakis Takis that compliment the exhibition by introducing his scientific signals and electromagnetic works that are, however, in complete symphony with nature since their essence is sound and movement by the surrounding environment. 

The contemporary space chosen for this show, an open loft-like space with two levels, celebrates the spirit of spring and nature offering a combination of modern and master artworks and a sensibility towards mother nature. It is a unique pop up exhibition and a great opportunity for art lovers to reflect, admire and discuss in the heart of Brussels.  


Installation views