Gokelaere & Robinson will transform Ars Belga’s office into an exclusive living space, featuring exceptional pieces of furniture created by Brazilian and European designers, in conversation with a collection of post-war paintings and tribal art. The exhibition will give the opportunity to art and furniture enthusiasts to explore endless possibilities inside a modern collector’s apartment.

The exhibition provides a wide selection of works with an aim to recreate a collector’s apartment. The fine pieces of furniture combined with high end paintings and works of tribal art are addressed to not only art lovers, but also designers, researchers and decorators. The space has been rearranged as a living room, an office and a seperate room to amplify the experience of being inside an apartment. Amongst the selected works, the visitors can admire works by Francois Morellet, Heinz Mack and Christo. This exhibition includes unique pieces of exceptional qualities and materials that are presented in a joyous display with the talent and expertise of their creators in plain sight.

The show aims at creating a different angle than the typical idea of an exhibition that usually pops in mind. The idea behind the concept is that art is available to everyone and can transform a personal space into a unique, playful house for its owners. In this exhibition, the visitors can admire works from the Korean masters of the Dansaekhwa movement such as Kwon Young-Woo and Yun Hyong- Keun. Two prominent figures of Korean art and of a movement also known as ‘’the modern monochrome movement’’. For those who enjoy pop art, the special work Hang Soft Watch Here by Peter Saul which dialogues with the famous melting clocks of Salvador Dali will definitely catch the attention. 

Prominent in the exhibition are also the works by Greek artist Vassilakis Takis. Known worldwide for his Signal series, which are totemic-like figures very sensitive to movement and sounds, placed close to windows can create sounds of their own combining science and nature and creating a unique effect. 

All of the selected artworks are surrounded by special pieces of furniture such as a wood, metal and cane made bookcase of the 60s’, created by Italian industrial designer Carlo Hauner. The exhibition also includes smaller high-end designer items like a table lamp from 1958 and floor lamps from the 50s.

The show immediately gives a cosy atmosphere and welcomes the visitor to walk through the different rooms and enjoy art and furniture in an interactive and warm environment. 

Installation Views